Personal Branding Photography

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We are made of many stories. Personal branding photography sessions can communicate your personality and pieces of you, connecting to an audience that relates to who you really are.


What is Personal Branding photography?

PBP is a service that focuses on strategic, custom images that reflect your brand’s stories, themes, and/or messaging. The goal is to help brands and entrepreneurs to:

  • Build trust + engagement. People want to do business with people, not internet black holes. Have a real presence online that showcases who you are, what you do and what you offer the world. Stand out and build brand credibility with consistent professional photos to show that you take your business seriously and can be trusted!

  • Take back your time and sanity. Save yourself a boat load of time creating content and preparing it to post. Having an optimized image library means more time to do what you love doing.

  • Stay consistent and continue to grow. Continuously reflect on and grow your personal brand through imagery and storytelling! Subscription plans are set up so you have new images every quarter. By working with me long-term, I can take the time to intimately know and understand you as a brand.



How it works

  1. We meet in person or via video chat so I can understand your brand and how you plan to use the images. Together, we'll narrow down what brand stories to shoot.  A brand story helps your audience relate to you and the values your brand represents. Stories can include business, family, hobbies, inspiration, community, events, etc.

  2. Set a date and photograph each story as we discussed.

  3. Within 5 business days, your edited images will be available to download from an online gallery. Photos can be cropped and optimized to certain social media specs if desired.

What you get

  • Planning and consultation before every shoot

  • Up to 3 brand stories and 90 digital images per session

  • Online Gallery with high-res backup

  • Image optimization and social media cropping

  • Commercial usage rights to edit and share w/o credit


Why I’m different


I'm not charging by the hour, this is a collaborative service and I charge by the story. Our consultation will include brainstorming ideas and selecting up to 3 'stories' for the session. We're both business owners, we know time is money, and I trust that both of us want to do this as efficiently as possible. 

I'm giving you full commercial usage rights with no license fees. You're allowed to share and distribute for any aspect of your business, edit the photos however you'd like, give them to a graphic designer, use them for ads - it’s all you. AND you're not required to credit me when you use them (which can lead people away from your page, increasing the cost of boosted posts/ads and ultimately hurting your business)

I’m going to deliver your photos in folders where the images are cropped and optimized for different channels. You'll receive a folder of high-resolution images for printing etc., a folder of your images cropped for Instagram, another optimized for your blog or website, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.


Subscription Payments

I truly believe that this will work best if we can build a relationship and I can take the time to understand you and your brand intimately and advise you on how to tell your story through images. For brands that want consistent content and regularly updated images, I offer a yearly subscription consisting of 4 branding sessions that would typically occur every three months.

Quarterly and monthly payment plans are available; for payments made in full, sessions are offered at a discount. Single and mini sessions are also available.