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Personal Branding

On the internet, everyone has a personal brand. How will you stand out?


Content leads to conversations.

As a business owner, you don’t just need headshots for your website, you need a gallery of one-of-a-kind photos that communicate your brand aesthetic, unique personality and brand story to use across all your social media platforms, email marketing and more.

You are what makes your business unique and what will attract your dream clients; and in order to build trust with your audience, they want to learn about you.

But it's not easy to keep up with social media, is it?


Imagine this….

  • A library of professional images created solely for your brand.

  • Your social media seamlessly planned and executed for an entire year.

  • Connecting with your ideal client to grow your business.

  • No more of that “Oh shit, I need to post” horrible feeling ever again.

  • Having natural, environmental headshots that showcase your unique personality

  • Visuals that communicate your values, clients’ experiences, work space, services and tools.

  • Commercial usage license to edit, modify and use the images to promote your brand however you need.


Sounds pretty good, right?

With Personal Branding photography, you can have a stress-free way to set yourself apart from the competition, show your clients you’re committed to quality, and save time creating content.

Fresh Professional Content - Brand Awareness - Saving Time & Money


Hi, I’m Allie

I’m a Personal Branding Photographer based in Boston, MA. I used a mix of brand strategy, creative direction and photography to bring your brand to life.


I’m a creative entrepreneur at heart and I’m on a mission to make your marketing fun and stress-free.

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses establish and maintain a personal brand that is both visually beautiful and highlights their unique personality.


Because your brand matters.


Look - here’s the tea: clients want to feel like they know you and can relate to you. That means you need to show your face, share about your life, and have topics that you connect with your ideal audience.

It means getting personal.


Here’s how it works -



You inquire, We chat

Once you inquire with me, we’ll chat about your business and goals for the shoot and the packages that will fit your needs. When you’re ready to book, I'll send you the contract and invoice for the retainer to make it official.


Branding Strategy

You'll complete a detailed questionnaire for you to define your brand personality and vision for the shoot. You can also send me photos for inspiration. We’ll have another chat to lock down the plan.


Shoot & Gallery

I’ll capture branded images including lifestyle headshots, your workspace, tools, services, etc. Within 7 business days, you'll receive an online gallery where you can choose and download your images.


My packages are based around the number of stories* you want to tell and how many photos you need. I offer single sessions for a quick refresh and subscription packages to keep you going all year long.


*Your stories are essentially the scenes that we’ll shoot to help you share aspects of your life and business.


Annual Subscriptions

I. Create fresh content consistently to keep you audience engaged

II. Communicate new stories as you grow and develop

III. Strategically plan content for the entire year

IV. Save money and have priority scheduling over other clients

V. Build on previous shoots with brief pre-session and follow-up check-ins


Quarterly Mini & Full Sessions (every 3 months)
On-call Monthly Sessions


Single Sessions

I. Create quick and affordable content without commitment

II. Update your website, create blogs and social media posts

III. See the difference that brand photos can have in your engagement

IV. Show or update your audience on where you are today

V. Hands-off lifestyle product shoots available


Mini & Full Branding Sessions
On-location Product Shoots

Your session could look like this….

Or this…



Single Sessions


Mini Session - $950

1-2 Brand Stories
30 Images
Up to 2 hours
Virtual Strategy Session
Commercial Usage License


Branding Session - $2500

3-5 Brand Stories
90 Images
Up to 4 hours
Virtual or In-person Strategy Session
Commercial Usage License


Product Images - $350/product

Products are sent to me.
3 images per product
Virtual Strategy Session
Commercial Usage License


Annual Subscription Packages

Set yourself up with content for the year and lock in prices for the next 12 months.


Quarterly Mini

1-2 Brand Stories every 3 months
30 Images each quarter
Approx. 1 hour & 2 looks per session
Virtual or In-person Strategy Session
Commercial Usage License

$1000 retainer payment upon signing
+ $800 each quarterly session (x3)


Quarterly Branding

3-5 Brand Stories every 3 months
90 Images each quarter
Up to 3 hours each shoot
Virtual or In-person Strategy Session
Commercial Usage License

$2500 retainer payment upon signing
+ $1800 each quarterly session (x3)



- On-call for 1-2 Brand Stories 12x/year
- 30 Images each session
- Up to 90 minutes & 3 looks per session
- Virtual Strategy Sessions
- Commercial Usage License

$750 monthly payments w/ 1st payment upon signing

hotel salem rooftop

Ready to get started?

Fill out the form or email me directly at


Frequently Asked Questions


What’s included in the commercial usage license? Do I own the copyright?


With the commercial usage license you are provided with the rights to use the images for marketing and commercial purposes, but I retain the copyrights to the images. You can also manipulate, edit, and crop the photos as you need. Finally, you’re not required to give me credit or acknowledgement when using the images - which can lead people away from your page!


Do I get to choose my images? What if I want more photos than I bought in my original package?


No problem! When your photos are delivered via the online gallery, you will be able to download the # of photos in your package free of charge, then have the option of purchasing additional photos for $50 per photo.



Will you help me set up my social media plan every month?


For brands that have a good handle on their workflow and what they’re doing, I can take over your planning for an additional fee. You’ll be required to invest in a service such as Later or Planoly (both have free options too!) and once I month I will upload and schedule the photos with caption topic suggestions, hashtags, and location tags for you to go in and place posts on auto-post as you approve each one.

Resources (Coming Soon!)

Learn about growing your personal brand.

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